Our Commitment

Peachtree Other Investment Banks
Tailored Fit
Peachtree understands the uniqueness of each deal and adjusts its approach for best execution. This deal requires an advisor that will contact, follow-up, and drive home the message at the CEO, strategy, and product levels.
One-size fits all
Other investment banks repeat a similar process deal after deal. On this deal, they will contact a few storage vendors and then run it up the flagpole without getting you the highest possible valuation.
Dedicated focus
Peachtree acts as a true partner and promises an unmatched level of service and dedication from day one until close. We lock arms with you to achieve the best chance of close while maximizing valuation at each stage of the process.
Project negligence & abandonment risk
Other investment banks limit the time and scope they allocate to your project. If larger opportunities arise, they will leave your process idle — or worse, present you with a take-it-or-leave it approach to initial offers.
Comprehensive targeting
Peachtree utilizes a multifaceted approach, casting a wide net and leaving no stone unturned, to ensure that we reach all targets.
Failure to reach all targets
Other investment banks rely on press releases to drive the process, resulting in an incomplete target list.
Bulldog mentality
In addition to bringing more targets to the table, Peachtree will energize targets more than any other advisor. We are unafraid to depart our comfort zone and go to the mat for your company.
Soft approach
Other investment banks will only push your company with lukewarm conviction in fear of jeopardizing existing relationships.