Pasadena Angels – A Source of Funding for Disruptive Technology

Pasadena Angels – A Source of Funding for Disruptive Technology

Any early stage software company looking to raise growth capital should check out the Pasadena Angels.  Below is a brief excerpt that Olivia wrote on this group.  The Pasadena Angels are one the better known Angel groups in Southern CA.

Early stage companies with innovative disruptive technology ideas should look to angel investor groups such as the Pasadena Angels. This group is able to offer financing to early stage companies as well as cooperate with other angel networks to support more established projects. Pasadena Angels are also able to offer an invaluable level of expertise from entrepreneurs, executives, and technology leaders in the field of software. Being funded by the Pasadena Angels not only helps a new business get a financial start, but can also provide valuable guidance and network possibilities that will continue to support company’s growth throughout its lifecycle. They have already helped many companies such as JobSync, Any Meeting, and AnaBios Corporation grow and develop by providing funding and industry knowledge.

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